Just Another Wall — Retrieve

“What is it that you’ve come here to do?” it asked.

“You well know the answer to that. I’m here to do what I must.”

“Oh, indeed I know what you’re here to do. But you needn’t lie about the imperative. You’re here to do what you’ve been told.”

“I don’t want this any more than you do, but it has to be done.”

“Finally! A truth!” it mused, “I’ve watched your kind, they are so zealous in their hunt. They hunger for what can be taken, stealing what power they cannot barter away. But you don’t want this, truth be told you don’t understand why it’s necessary.”

“I understand the reasoning. We can’t have-”

“You can’t bury your guilt underneath semantics. You know why you’re an unwilling participant, but the only thing you understand – as I do – is that this hunt is a symptom, not the disease.”

“You can’t argue your way out of this. I’m sorry.”

“If you believed that, you wouldn’t still be underneath me. Would you?”

It was right. Beneath everything, behind what was a simple imperative was a half-hearted commitment. Full of self-doubt, of guilt, of confusion. But failure was not an option, more was at stake than your beliefs.

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