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One More Wish

One More Wish

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One More Wish — Medium

Diameter of Head1.625"1.3cm
Circumferance of Head4.75"12.1cm
Diameter of Shaft (min)1.75"4.4cm
Circumferance of Shaft (min)5.25"13.3cm
Diameter of Shaft (max)2.25"5.7cm
Circumferance of Shaft (max)6.75"17.1cm
Diameter of Base3"7.6cm
Circumferance of Base8"20.3cm
Usable Length6.5"16.5cm
Total Length8"20.3cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Major (XXL)

One More Wish — Major (XXL)

Diameter of Head3.125"8cm
Circumferance of Head8.375"21.5cm
Diameter of Shaft (min)2.875"7.5cm
Circumferance of Shaft (min)7.5"19.3cm
Diameter of Shaft (max)4.5"11.5cm
Circumferance of Shaft (max)12.5"32cm
Diameter of Base5.5"14.1cm
Circumferance of Base15.625"39.7cm
Usable Length12.125"30.9cm
Total Length14"35.7cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

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About One More Wish:

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One More Wish

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