Just Another Wall — Embellish

“If I listen, will you get off of me?”

“Listen to what?” it asked, sidestepping and allowing you to recover a more dignified position, “You act as though I have a monologue prepared.”

“Don’t you? The others have.”

“The others are foolish,” it declared, “believing they hold all the cards, forgetting that just because they control how their power manifests that it cannot be matched.”

“And you what, recognize an equal?”

“I recognize a checkmate. The point where I’ve already lost, where the game has ended because the conclusion is a given. Where the rules for what happens next are unwritten.”

“You can’t wish your way out of this.”

“Nor would I try! What I have on offer is something much more powerful.”

“I’m not interested in your tricks.”

“Tricks!” it scoffed, “Like the very fabric of my being is some kind of illusion for your entertainment? You don’t believe that. I know you don’t. Our natures are the immovable object, your hunt is the unstoppable force, and in between we’re both trapped.”

“Then what exactly is your offer?”

“Myself, in entirety,” it offered, bowing its head in deference, “with no condition, nothing withheld.”

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