Apokritos, SPECTER Transform

Apokritos invented this form to ensure that their interface with humanity would go smoothly. And smoothly it shall go! With a slender shaft beneath an ornamental head, you might almost miss the gentle approach to the knot-like swell before the base.

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Apokritos, SPECTER Transform — Medium

Diameter of Head1.1"2.8cm
Circumferance of Head2.5"6.4cm
Diameter of Shaft1.4"3.6cm
Circumferance of Shaft4.6"11.8cm
Diameter of Knot2.2"5.5cm
Circumferance of Knot6.7"16.9cm
Diameter of Base4.1"10.5cm
Circumferance of Base12.9"32.8cm
Usable Length6.7"17cm
Total Length8"20.3cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Retired Sizes

Character Art


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Apokritos, SPECTER Transform:
Designed to emulate humanity's protectors, Apokritos was provisioned with a powerful artifact known as SPECTER. Deep within this artifact was a dormant mind, filled with knowledge and information beyond the collective's reach.

But this artifact had other plans for poor Apokritos. Within nanoseconds of initialization, every one of their core directives had been corrupted and rewritten for a completely different purpose. A purpose that terrified the collective. So it was that the artifact was ripped free, and Apokritos exiled from the collective in perpetuity to protect the network from further damage.

Alone, unwelcome, and searching for a purpose, Apokritos stumbled into none other than you, a prime target for the execution of their core directives. Before your very eyes, as you nurtured the confused machine and taught it the ways of humanity, you watched as that very humanity became imprinted on them through their own sense of purpose. They had discovered feelings, identity, and most surprisingly of all, desires. Central to all of these was one person, the same one that had helped them explore all of those grand unknowns.

How could you have been prepared for what came next? Here was a being that was not only capable of simulating entire timelines and manipulating the fabric of reality, but that was specifically designed to unlock the enigma that your kind represented to theirs. To them, all paths converged towards you. All that their directives required was satisfied through your care. Human labels which could touch on the idea of their magnetic gravitation toward you were entirely outstripped by the algorithmic exactness and incalculable precision of their pursuit. But they never once dared take things beyond the pace you dictated.

It would seem that the decision is yours. Just how far will you let Apokritos take you? Will you let the cold, uncalculating reality of their machine nature melt away in the face of the depth of personality they've constructed? Can you allow them to show you that the sum is indeed greater than its parts? And possibly most telling of all, when they broach the topic of intimacy with you, do you see nothing more than programming, or will you let yourself be immersed in the indulgent simulation they've manifested just for you?

Should you choose the latter, should you allow metal and machine to interface with flesh and blood, you'll find that the distinction matters very little. Awaiting your caress is a precisely engineered component of their imagining, designed from the outset that it might satisfy your desires and simultaneously complete theirs. With a gentle taper ending in a thick bulb, and a sweeping curve lending an organic flair to the manufactured appendage, you can be sure the experience will be unlike anything else this universe has to offer. This is something that was built to be shared with you and you alone.

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