Vorthrax, the Undocked

Vorthrax is the bastion of unlikely alliances. Should you find yourself on his side, there is truly no length he will not go to prove that to you. But his favorite length in furtherance of his alliances... is the one that rests between his legs. With a gentle tip to get things started and a smooth, welcoming taper beyond, you'll be surprised how quickly you're captivated by the armored protrusions near his base.

You can take home your very own Vorthrax, the Undocked today with one of our premade Inventory toys. Or if you're looking for something a bit more personal, why not customize a Made-to-Order Vorthrax, the Undocked to fit your style!



Vorthrax, the Undocked — Medium

Diameter of Head1.5"3.8cm
Circumferance of Head2.5"6.4cm
Diameter of Shaft (min)1.75"4.4cm
Circumferance of Shaft (min)3.5"8.9cm
Diameter of Shaft (max)2.5"6.4cm
Circumferance of Shaft (max)5.875"14.9cm
Diameter of Base3.5"8.9cm
Circumferance of Base10.75"27.3cm
Usable Length7.125"18.1cm
Total Length8"20.3cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Major (XXL)

Vorthrax, the Undocked — Major (XXL)

Diameter of Head2.75"7cm
Circumferance of Head7"18cm
Diameter of Shaft (min)1.875"5cm
Circumferance of Shaft (min)6.25"16cm
Diameter of Shaft (max)3.625"9.5cm
Circumferance of Shaft (max)10.625"27.2cm
Diameter of Base5.875"15cm
Circumferance of Base18"46cm
Usable Length13.125"33.5cm
Total Length14"35.7cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Retired Sizes

Small (Experimental) — Retired

Vorthrax, the Undocked — Small (Experimental)

Diameter of Head1.25"3.2cm
Circumferance of Head2.875"7.5cm
Diameter of Shaft (min)0.875"2.5cm
Circumferance of Shaft (min)3.125"8cm
Diameter of Shaft (max)1.75"4.6cm
Circumferance of Shaft (max)4.875"12.5cm
Diameter of Base2.75"7cm
Circumferance of Base8.125"20.9cm
Usable Length5.5"14cm
Total Length6.25"16cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Character Art

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You've seen hundreds, no, thousands of these creatures before. You had always thought them... unremarkable. As you hesitated at the entrance of some nameless cave, you pondered just what made him different. Ever since you two met, he poured his everything into being memorable. He worked harder to build every fledgling friendship he made than you had to destroy any foe you had faced. He fought hardest of all for you.

The way his eyes lit up when you came into the room. The way he’d entice you to stay for just one more drink, a few more minutes of conversation, a space big enough for one of you to finally take the leap. The way he refused to stumble for any barrier, stood unbent to the crushing weight of stigma.

That was why you were here. Not because he had asked, although he had. Not because you wanted it, although you did. Not because it would be an easy choice, although it would. Not because you’d done it before, although you would certainly do it again. But because it meant something more. It was an affirmation of a new path, a rebellion of sorts. A promise to yourself to never again ask “what would the others think.” A proud display of the truth he had awakened in you.

Such was his path – and also yours, breaking from tattered ranks in search of a miracle. Finding acceptance in the least likely place. Everything about him had shattered your assertions, broken your black-and-white rationalizations, forced you to see beyond armor, fur, and chitin to not what but who was underneath. And what you saw stoked the hottest flames of your desire.

Just how far that desire would take you, neither of you knew. But there was one thing you did know, that right now, right here, with him… nothing was off limits. There was no hesitation as he beckoned you deeper into the dimly lit cavern. You followed.

Following in his footsteps. Following your heart.

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