Ra'an, Emperor's Witness

Ra'an is a brute, there's no way around it. But that only tells part of his story. A kind soul through and through, he's willing to take things at your pace. Get to know every bulge, ridge, bump, and (most importantly) knot of this gentle giant on your terms.

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Ra'an, Emperor's Witness — Medium

Diameter of Head1.5"3.8cm
Circumferance of Head4.8"12.2cm
Diameter of Shaft2.3"5.8cm
Circumferance of Shaft6"15.2cm
Diameter of Knot2.8"7.1cm
Circumferance of Knot8.5"21.6cm
Diameter of Base3.3"8.4cm
Circumferance of Base10.5"26.7cm
Usable Length6.5"16.5cm
Total Length8"20.3cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Retired Sizes

Character Art

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In the face of such a commanding presence, it was easy to forget what makes Ra’an so unique. Behind the truly absurd testament to physical strength that was his outward appearance, the brutish space marine had myriad personal intricacies that were primed for deeper study. No wonder the emperor had tasked him with demonstrating just what could be experienced under his leadership. Until, that is, the emperor abandoned his post.

Under all that armor he’s a gentle giant, after all. Well studied and well spoken, he makes the perfect companion for the adventurer looking to broaden their horizons and stretch their capabilities in new and exciting ways. Just like his armor hides his tempered personality, so too does it hide what may well be the best kept secret of the empire. Countless generations of genetic modification haven’t missed the chance to turn even the most intimate part of him into a force to be reckoned with. Will you let him delight you with the empire's might? Or rather, with the empire in tatters, will you let him prove his own worth?

Being abandoned by his emperor and severed from his empire has left Ra’an no less capable. He is an unmatched diplomat with no mission. He is an exemplary host with no home to share. He is whatever you want him to be, because your harbor is his last refuge. It would be a terrible waste to let his capability, his skill, his loyalty and perseverance go unutilized. Will you help him find that purpose again, and get to know the troubled soul under all that armor? Will you help him trust again?

Can you take up the mantle and guide Ra'an to victory? Will you prove that, unlike his former emperor, your desires are not capricious and unreliable? Will you prove that, unlike his former empire, refuge with humanity offers an unwavering unity? In turn, will you let him prove that his loyalty is limitless, that his determination knows no end, that his enticements still carry the same bite on their own that they did when they were at the behest of others?

Getting used to Ra’an and his preferred diplomatic approach can take a bit of adjustment. At first, some find his bluntness off-putting, but those that come to know him learn to enjoy the immediate gratification as he simply plunges forward. Beyond initial pleasantries, many are surprised by his breadth, stretching far beyond what was anticipated. Others are surprised by the varied tactics as he approaches things differently from each side – sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy and turbulent, and sometimes swelling with brawn as if his mighty musculature were upon display. Then when things start heating up, his tactic changes once more, pressing onward to open up discussion even more and ease things forward. Finally, once his diplomatic activities reach their peak, he has a way of binding things together, as if to secure things with a giant knot until both parties leave satisfied.

If diplomacy doesn’t work, what he’s packing between his legs is a great motivator too.