War God's Blade

The way of the blade is the simplest truth in our universe. But the creature that wears these blades cannot be reduced as such. Feast upon not one but two shafts of divine grandeur as you behold her might. Experience a variety of textures and sensations whether your ambition draws you toward one shaft or both.

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War God's Blade — Medium

Diameter of Head (one shaft)2"5.1cm
Circumferance of Head (one shaft)6"15.2cm
Diameter of Head (both shafts)3.5"8.9cm
Circumferance of Head (both shafts)8"20.3cm
Diameter of Shaft (one shaft, min)1.5"3.8cm
Circumferance of Shaft (one shaft, min)4"10.2cm
Diameter of Shaft (both shafts, min)2"5.1cm
Circumferance of Shaft (both shafts, min)6"15.2cm
Diameter of Shaft (one shaft, max)2.5"6.4cm
Circumferance of Shaft (one shaft, max)6.5"16.5cm
Diameter of Shaft (both shafts, max)3.5"8.9cm
Circumferance of Shaft (both shafts, max)9"22.9cm
Diameter of Base3.75"9.5cm
Circumferance of Base11.25"28.6cm
Usable Length (one shaft)7"17.8cm
Usable Length (both shafts)7"17.8cm
Total Length8"20.3cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Retired Sizes

Character Art

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How does it feel? Getting to see something that no mere mortal could bear witness to and survive? Most, even those like you, would run in terror if they even made it far enough to catch a glimpse. But you… you like what you see. Even our matriarchs at the apex of their brood cycles don’t froth at the mouth as you do. I can’t say that I mind the attention.

You must understand that blades like mine are quite a rare occurrence. Bestowed upon only those with the highest honor of siring armies. But even further yet, you look upon the foremost specimen of such a weapon, the tumescence of a very God.

Every detail is perfectly represented. No doubt you’re salivating over the twinned biology, which I understand is quite unusual in other species you’ve entertained as you shall soon entertain me. Are you similarly transfixed by the winding, ribbed details that crown each shaft? Do you imagine tracing them down with more than your eyes? Or maybe your thoughts are on the thickness as you descend lower. No doubt a single one would be a lot for you to handle, but I have an inkling that your ambitions are focused on trying to master both.

I do hope you’d try. There’s so much to experience, like how the natural spread between them will press wider and wider. Or how the bulge of each head just tends to pop inside without warning. And let’s not forget how each shaft slithers against the other, squirming in ways that can’t be imagined until they’re experienced. I’ll admit that I myself crave the other end of those feelings.

On your knees, now. Don’t you want to worship your new God?