Syrrhin, the Depthbinder

Syrrhin would love nothing more than to show off just how prodigious he is. With a tapered tip, he welcomes beginner and expert alike. His unique biology is marked by veins snaking along each sinuous inch of his shaft and recursive sheath-like segmentations, all leading down to a gentle bulge designed to be a part of the fun rather than the means to end it. Indulge Syrrhin's basest desires and he'll repay you in kind.

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Syrrhin, the Depthbinder — Medium

Diameter of Head1.5"4cm
Circumference of Head4.25"10.8cm
Diameter of Shaft (min)1.25"3.1cm
Circumference of Shaft(min)3.75"9.1cm
Diameter of Shaft (max)2"5cm
Circumference of Shaft (max)4.875"12.4cm
Diameter of Sheath2.125"5.5cm
Circumference of Sheath5.75"14.8cm
Diameter of Base3.375"8.6cm
Circumference of Base9.5"24.1cm
Usable Length6.75"17cm
Total Length8"20.3cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.


Syrrhin, the Depthbinder — Major


Diameter of Head2.75"7cm
Circumferance of Head7.625"19.5cm
Diameter of Shaft (min)1.875"5cm
Circumferance of Shaft (min)6.875"17.5cm
Diameter of Shaft (max)4"10.2cm
Circumferance of Shaft (max)10.125"26cm
Diameter of Base5"13cm
Circumferance of Base16.125"41cm
Usable Length12.125"31cm
Total Length14"35.7cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Retired Sizes

Character Art

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It took three royal sisters, a waylaid prince, and an interloping emperor to make space in this universe for Syrrhin to exist. While he never met a one of them, they were all directly responsible for who he was, what he was. A vessel for the deepest, darkest, most sinister energies that could be harnessed. A conduit through which the unimaginable could be made manifest. An answer to a question that no one had asked; what would happen if someone could become fully attuned to these powers?

The answer, of course, was that Syrrhin’s abilities – just like the power they stemmed from – were incomprehensible. The minds of countless others had been overwhelmed by a fraction of what Syrrhin could channel, but he was able to internalize, to all but become, this dark power. It was how he was able to channel that power which left his minders quite perplexed indeed. They observed that his abilities were linked inexplicably to his arousal. Put plainly, Syrrhin was unstoppable so long as he was horny. And he was always, always horny.

To complete your mission and unlock every last secret of the haunted ship where these mysterious events transpired, you’ll have to subdue this formidable foe. And while the traditional method would certainly incapacitate him for a time, to truly pacify him you’ll need to come equipped with a more eccentric set of skills. And he’ll need to come …well, you’ll just have to figure that part out for yourself.

Commune with Syrrhin, the Depthbinder at the apex of his strength and see if you have what it takes to quell his desires.