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One pack of Mini-Tools is included with every toy order. This listing is for additional packs.

This listing is for a pack of randomly selected Mini-Tools.

Mini-Tools are 60mm (~2 1/4") tall miniature versions of our full size models.

Each pack contains 6 of our Mini-Tools. In each pack you're guaranteed to get:

  • One of Every Model — One each of the 5 insertable designs we currently offer Mini-Tools of (Vorthrax, One More Wish, Ra'an, War God's Blade, Apokritos), as well as a BONUS Mini-Tool of our unreleased penetrable model.
  • Color Variety — At least two Mini-Tools in your pack will be 2+ colors. The remaining 4 will be solid colors. We try to balance the colors so you end up with a selection of different colors.

    Mini-Tools are prepared with the same high-quality body-safe manufacturing processes we use for our full-size models, which means they are just as adept at adorning your desk as they are at filling more creative purposes. Please exercise caution when using small objects anywhere where retrieving small objects may be difficult. To keep costs low and our processes scalable, our Mini-Tools are not guaranteed to be washed before leaving the shop and may accumulate dust/fibers/etc. Due to the small size, it is possible that an air bubble can form at the tip of the Mini-Tool. This happens most commonly with our pointier models like Vorthrax, the Undocked and Apokritos, SPECTER Transform. We will do our best to avoid air bubbles, however you should expect that some Mini-Tools in your order may have air bubbles or other surface defects.

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