Just Another Wall — Corrupt

“What does that mean?”

“You know the nature of our wishes? A bond between he who wishes and he who grants. This would be much the same.”

“I said-”

“You said I couldn’t wish my way out of this. Which is not what you meant,” it explained, “instead what you were saying is that you will not be tricked into wishing for my salvation.”

“Right. No wishes.”

“No,” it disagreed, “One More Wish. Mine. A wish to entrust my fate unto you.”

“How can I trust that this isn’t another trick?”

“If you are asking that question, you already know I can’t answer it for you,” it answered, “but what if I were to tell you it didn’t matter?”

“Why is that?”

“Because I made this wish long ago, and there’s a reason you were the one to find me.”

“How did you bind me here without a wish?”

“It’s more subtle than that. I am the bound one,” it answered, a note of sadness in its tone, “unto your whims. You, your nature, was the gift bestowed by my wish. The price was that selfsame thing, your nature, that I would be powerless to escape your judgment.”

“So… Nothing’s changed?”

“Well I wouldn’t say that,” it hesitated, “meeting you changes everything.”

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