Just Another Wall — Unlock

It was detestable work, bringing such a majestic species to their unceremonious end. But duty bound you far above personal convictions. There was more at stake than your idyllic daydreams of a “better way.”

This one had been hard to find, and tracking it had taken the better part of a week. With each day, that moment of finality drew ever closer. Finally ending this wretched hunt. Finally freeing yourself from the cycle. The others had moved on to more prosperous sectors. You weren’t here to prosper. Unlike the others, you stayed behind, tracking the very last one within sensor range.

When you finally came upon what you supposed was its roost, you thought you had the element of surprise. You peeked out behind a crag, expecting to see the slumbering beast but instead there was an empty cavern with not a single glimmering scale in sight. Sensors confirmed that there was something here though, and you turned around with caution, coming face-to-face with an enormous scaly maw. It grinned at you devilishly as you hesitated just a moment too long before reaching for your weapon.

In a flash, it was atop you, making your action that much more urgent. It loomed above you, dwarfing your size several times over. Its muscles rippled, ready to act, ready to fight back, ready to ensure you had no choice. But where you had been certain it was going to put up a fight, instead it held back. There was a gentleness, a restrained strength like a dam holding back a cataclysmic waterfall. Was it…waiting for something?

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