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[2024-05] Apokritos, SPECTER Transform, Medium NC-31 (Soft), Random Roll, 297

[2024-05] Apokritos, SPECTER Transform, Medium NC-31 (Soft), Random Roll, 297

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Firmness: NC-31 (Soft)

NC-31 Disclaimer:
This product uses Near Clear 00-31 silicone, which has some special considerations. THIS PRODUCT MAY FEATURE BASE BUBBLES, which occur naturally as the poured silicone settles. We do not consider base bubbles a flop on Near Clear toys.

Additionally, all Near Clear silicone is prone to mild yellowing and can exhibit increased firmness with heat. We recommend against boiling these toys, and instead using cold soapy water or a mild bleach solution.

Color: Random Roll

Apokritos invented this form to ensure that their interface with humanity would go smoothly. And smoothly it shall go! With a slender shaft beneath an ornamental head, you might almost miss the gentle approach to the knot-like swell before the base.

NOTE: Medium Apokritos contains some indentations on the side of the base. This is a normal mold flaw and does not impact safety or usability in any way.

Measurement Imperial Metric
Diameter of Head 1.1" 2.8cm
Circumferance of Head 2.5" 6.4cm
Diameter of Shaft 1.4" 3.6cm
Circumferance of Shaft 4.6" 11.8cm
Diameter of Knot 2.2" 5.5cm
Circumferance of Knot 6.7" 16.9cm
Diameter of Base 4.1" 10.5cm
Circumferance of Base 12.9" 32.8cm
Usable Length 6.7" 17cm
Total Length 8" 20.3cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.
All toys are handmade and may feature small imperfections.

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