Oh How the Mighty Have — Risen

I’ve been fascinated by those who wield the sky since I first found my new banner. They are majestic, enigmatic, fascinating, enticing. Theirs is the superlative of my path, and I crave their guidance.

But my guardian is something else entirely. When I first was stationed at the tower, I worried that close supervision would be akin to incarceration. I could not have been more wrong. I was not given freedom to roam, but I was bound to a guide, not a warden.

Maybe even a friend.

And that was just the beginning. We became, dare I say, inseparable over time. At first it was a function of necessity – a pact to prove trustworthiness that kept us in close company. But before too many moons, there was no need for proof, no need for pretense, just two beings bound by circumstance making the best of each other’s company.

“I really enjoy spending time with you,” their words rang in my mind on repeat, “I’m so glad we met.”

It stirred something inside of me and I was unprepared. Like stories of my kind in peacetime, of bonds not exclusively platonic, of strongest relationships, the apex of unity… something inside of me hungered for more. Humans call this emotion “falling in love”, but in my old tongue there is a different euphemism, “undocking the heart.”

I found myself wondering… Do the sky-born hunger for more than friendship too?

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