Oh How the Mighty Have — Befriended

I’ve been in a lot of strange situations, but this one might take the cake. Right now, my dearest friend is an alien that not six months ago I would have shot on sight.

And what a great friend he has been. He’s fun to be around, gets along well with everyone, and you have no idea how often having double the arms can come in handy.

Like right now. We had just closed down our favorite bar, and he was trying to make himself useful. Alright, I was just a bit drunk, but he carried me back to our quarters. Like I was some kind of dainty thing and not a thoroughly honed weapon given human form. And I let him… because… I don’t know.

Right… Our quarters. I hadn’t ever thought of it like that. No matter how close we had grown, it was always “the place where I fall asleep, also that four-armed dude bunks here.” But now it almost seemed… intimate. He carried me to my bunk, laid me gently down, and asked if I needed anything.

“Yes” I whispered before realizing what I had done. I had grabbed one of his arms, restricting him from leaving.

He got the message. Slowly maneuvering himself alongside me on the narrow cot.

I guess I never had noticed how… comfortable he was. And there was something delightfully placating about being held tightly by four arms. Something that put the mind at ease.

The places my mind wandered in that moment would have made a dredgen blush. I’m terrified that “friend” may just be the start of what we have become to each other.

“We are doing this, yes?” he asked, none of his usual confidence coming across in his voice. The new warmth I felt on my back told me why. I have to admit, I was more than a bit curious.

I rolled over, looking to see the mysterious appendage that had recently made an appearance. Its shape was wholly unfamiliar, and entirely enticing. He shuddered as I made contact, a rushed breath through clenched teeth.

“Just this once,” I lied, “Diplomatic research.”

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