Oh How the Mighty Have — Ascended

The office was bathed with the amber light of the setting sun. An upbeat electronic track with occasional phrases of encouragement played from a small speaker on the shelves. Two visitors sat across the large desk from its rightful owner.

“I’m glad we could meet,” a brutish blue-skinned man declared, “We – our City – can use every ally we can get right now. No matter how much of an outlier.”

“Yes,” the larger visitor spoke, “We would create liaison post here. Show of goodwill, yes?”

“A post here, in the tower?” the broad-shouldered commander asked, nervousness but also curiosity in his tone, “It’s unconventional. I like it. Who do you have in mind?”

“Funny, your asking,” the larger captain spoke, nudging his smaller comrade, “time for introduce!”

“I am Vorthrax, the Undocked,” he started, his speech level and unaccented, “It is a great pleasure to be here, sir.”

“Vorthrax. A pleasure to meet you as well,” the commander acknowledged, laughing a bit “You speak quite well, someone could learn a thing or two from you.”

“You are having understanding, are you not? Maybe you learn word or two of mine then make judgment!”

“Fair enough,” he acquiesced, “Nonetheless, a fluent candidate will make such an arrangement much easier on us all.”

”Agreed! He is also insatiable-curious. Very interested too about light-born.”

“Oh?” the gargantuan leader paused, suspicion on his voice, “And why is that?”

“I have simple curiosity…” Vorthrax hesitated, “I too was taken from nothing and given strength. I should be dead, but here I am with all-arms and full-hope. I want to find purpose, like sky-touched of Earth.”

“Indeed. In that case, I know just who can help sate that curiosity,” the titan spoke, turning to call down the corridor to his left, “Guardian, there’s someone you should meet.”

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