Oh How the Mighty Have — Learned

Leader-of-those-who-chose-him taught me much that I would have never known. I have learned many things about the humans, about their machine savior, about so many things.

However, most fascinating is what I am learning about me. I learned that to the humans, my name is “Vorthrax”. I learned they like very much to have their titles, so I thought to have one too. I decided I will be called “Undocked”.

Why, you ask, do I choose the thing all of us dream of since we were nothing-creatures? Is a simple logic; drekh are not given arms because they are drekh, they must earn back by proving they are not-nothing. But I was given arms when I was still-nothing. This name means not that I was earned-free, but gifted-free.

Distinction of this is important, it means more than what was given. No thing is nothing, and sky-worshippers are showing this to those unlike them. The few with gift of sky do not keep gift to self. No, they give gift to others, they take theirs-gift and use it to make ours-gift.

Then we are all something.

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