Oh How the Mighty Have — Fled

Proximity alarms blared, calling those who belonged there to action, daring those who didn’t to defy its warning. Dozens stood with ramshackle weapons, every one pointing towards the direction of the unknown threat.

From the tree line emerged a lone creature. Robed in tattered purple, stumbling on shakily. It looked exhausted, hungry, weak. Its form screamed enemy, but its mannerisms begged further consideration.

Such was an increasingly common sight for the makeshift militia. They lowered their weapons and looked to the one in their ranks who closely resembled the intruder’s form.

“Hold,” he declares as he walks past the settlement’s outer wall.

The smaller creature, missing its lower arms, shook in apprehension. It stopped moving and stared, as a student would stare at their teacher. The two spoke unintelligibly in their own language. After tense minutes, they made their way back toward the settlement. The larger creature allowed the smaller one to lean against him as they walked, a first hint at a much larger promise of support.

The townsfolk, mostly humans with a few scattered insectoid creatures like the arriving pair, watched with nervous excitement as they approached.

“This is Vurisraaks, drekh-no-more,” the larger, four-armed creature declared, removing the loose metal caps at the ends of the smaller creature’s lower arms, “Let him be welcomed with many arms.”

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