Oh How the Mighty Have — Fallen

So called the hardship-path, is what each must journey. For growth. For knowledge. For survival.

I travel along, but is theirs-path, not mine-path. There at dusk, gone next sunlight. Stolen, starved, broken, cleaved. Hard to see, but is the only hope.

No longer.

Hearing of new house, new leader, new path. Full of mine-hardship and mine-victory. Risk-full, reward-full, opportunity-full.

Rumor, insidious like worm-parasite, dream-talks of escape. Always ether-promise and hunger-deliver, but is it listening-worthy?

I listen regardless, because I have decided. Either mine-path brings escape, or none-path does.

Next sun brings opportunity. Others go to fight, I go to explore.

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