Oh How the Mighty Have — Cherished

There had never before been time for more than survival. Not until I left behind the old ways. But now I had so much time beyond just to survive, I had the time to be alive. To explore, to be curious, to experience things that were off limits for a lowly drekh. I would be lying if I said I had fully realized my freedom, my purpose, prior to this moment.

But right now, locked tightly against the human who had taken a chance on me, that very freedom was intoxicating. We both had taken a leap, and I’m not sure there’s a path back to the precipice we departed from. In that moment, there was no fretting over the nature of our respective species, no prejudice, no misjudgment, and I was drowning in just how different that felt.

Was this what it felt like to belong? Did I?

Thinking back to everything that led up to this moment, I had belonged for a while. There were many, both those like me and those like my guardian, who I would call friends. What I had here was the truest sense of belonging, but in this moment, I realized I’d felt this acceptance almost everywhere I went.

I had a lot to think about, at least. Maybe there was a way for me to pay this forward, to help others travel the same path I had. This was the purpose I had been looking for this whole time. Now that I had found it, I was eager to get started.

“You’re going to stay like this tonight, right?”

But… maybe I could stay here just a bit longer.

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