Just Another Wall — Recover

“My stars, that alone may have made this whole bargain worth it.”

You had to chuckle. The now-exhausted dragon who had silently demonstrated his uncompromising devotion to you not moments prior was now back to his usual talkative self.

“You weren’t half bad yourself,” you replied, “But now that we’ve both had a chance to cool our heads a bit, I think it might be time to take it from the top and discuss this whole arrangement again.”

“So you do regret it,” he said, a sobering sadness in his voice like his whole world had shattered, “I’m sorry I enticed you.”

“No, that’s not it at all!” you rebuked, “Quite the opposite. There’s no way I could regret that, it’s just… I don’t want what we just shared to be the thing that defines what you are to me. I want… making love to you …to be something free of obligation or transaction.”

“A noble desire, but I promise you that the distinction matters none to me.”

“It matters to me, though. Just like you said, I’m not keeping you around to extract value from you.”

“Nor would I assume you were.”

“I just… That shouldn’t have been where our story started. So can we start over maybe?”

“If that’s what you wis-” he caught himself, “If that’s what you desire.”

“It’s a deal. So what then, O wish dragon mine,” you paused, staring him up and down “am I ever going to do with you?”

He shivered under your gaze.

“If you’re going to say things like that, we’re going to end up right back where we were five minutes ago.”

“We’ll get there eventually,” you declared, “But first I really do need to figure out what I’m gonna do with you, and myself for that matter.”

“Ah, because you can’t just go back to business as usual, can you?”

“Not if I want to keep an eye on you. Or stay true to myself. How could I go back when I’ll be forced to make the kinds of decisions that I couldn’t make with you?”

“Well I’ll follow you wherever you choose to go. No matter what it means for me.”

“You know, I could send one final status report. Give the all clear for this sector. As far as the others are concerned there’s nothing interesting out this far now that there aren’t any of you left.”

“Oh, but there are so many interesting things in this system. If we have this sector all to ourselves… I could show you.”

“That sounds delightful.”

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