Just Another Wall — Converse

“Fuck, you’re way too big! There’s no way you’ll fit.”

“Well you should have said something sooner! You know I can shapeshift, why didn’t you just ask before you tried to shove me inside.”

“This is an unprecedented situation, I’m sorry that I’m not optimally prepared for the task.”

“You’re a damn space wizard, surely the spatial geometry of ‘big dragon doesn’t fit in small ship’ is not beyond your mental acuity.”

“I’m sorry if my mind was busy focusing on where else ‘big dragon’ may or may not fit. Now what are you waiting for, are you going to shrink down or do you need me to take detailed measurements.”

Suddenly, you were faced with a much more manageably sized wish dragon, an almost uniformly scaled facsimile of his former enormity. A certain part was a bit larger than it should have been at that size, but it wasn’t exactly an unwelcome modification.

“There we go, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now get in the airlock you scaly jerk.”

“Make me,” he protested, sticking out his tongue like some petulant child.

And so you did. A quick blast of energy from your palm sending him cascading roughly through the air to land on his back against the inner door of the airlock. You stepped in behind him kneeling next to his supine form. The airlock hissed closed behind you, vents whirring to life as air flooded the chamber.

“That’s,” he coughed, “not quite what I meant.”

“Pressurization will take a bit,” you declared, “Let’s chat.”

“About what?” he asked, curiosity in his tone. He still had yet to move from the position he landed in, looking quite relaxed, all things considered.

“Well while we have some time, I wanted to ask you a bit about yourself.”

“I’m an open book,” he laughed, “quite literally spread out in front of you. Ask me whatever you wis-”


“Sorry, old habits. Ask me anything.”

“First off, what’s your name,” you asked, “If we’re going to...”

“Then you want to know what to scream out in ecstasy? How considerate!” he chuckled, “Although I hate to disappoint. We do not take names.”

“You don’t have names? What do others call you then?”

“They don’t. When you are only as useful as what you can provide in an instant, there’s no need to remember you. I imagine you can sympathize. When’s the last time someone called you by your actual name, not some half-hearted title?”

“Point taken. Would you like a name?”

“I certainly could warm to the idea. What would you call me, then?” He asked. You had to think about it for a minute, really decide what such a unique creature should be called. But almost like the universe had already prepared an answer, you heard an echo in your mind, a gentle repetition of exactly the name that would be fitting of such a creature.

You knelt down next to him, brushing against his body with your gloved hands as you brought your head next to his. You whispered softly in his ear, a name just for him.

“It’s perfect,” he whispered, “Now was that your only question?”

“No, but…” you paused as a seal clicked on your suit indicating the pressure had risen enough that your helmet could safely be removed, “We can get a bit more comfortable before I ask you anything else.”

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