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[Pride24] Syrrhin, the Depthbinder, Medium 00-30 (Soft), Mars Trilogy, 354, UV

[Pride24] Syrrhin, the Depthbinder, Medium 00-30 (Soft), Mars Trilogy, 354, UV

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Firmness: 00-30 (Soft)

Color: Mars Trilogy

This toy is UV-reactive. Under a UV light source, parts of the toy will fluoresce brightly! We use a true ultraviolet monochromatic light source to enhance our UV photos; consumer-grade 405nm UV lamps will be less intense and skew more towards purple.

Syrrhin would love nothing more than to show off just how prodigious he is. With a tapered tip, he welcomes beginner and expert alike. His unique biology is marked by veins snaking along each sinuous inch of his shaft and recursive sheath-like segmentations, all leading down to a gentle bulge designed to be a part of the fun rather than the means to end it. Indulge Syrrhin's basest desires and he'll repay you in kind.

Measurement Imperial Metric
Diameter of Head 1.5" 4cm
Circumference of Head 4.25" 10.8cm
Diameter of Shaft (min) 1.25" 3.1cm
Circumference of Shaft(min) 3.75" 9.1cm
Diameter of Shaft (max) 2" 5cm
Circumference of Shaft (max) 4.875" 12.4cm
Diameter of Sheath 2.125" 5.5cm
Circumference of Sheath 5.75" 14.8cm
Diameter of Base 3.375" 8.6cm
Circumference of Base 9.5" 24.1cm
Usable Length 6.75" 17cm
Total Length 8" 20.3cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.
All toys are handmade and may feature small imperfections.

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